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Lupe García Peñalver - Artist

A Poem

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Every time I look at this tree

I feel loneliness in a splendorous way

Here you are, in front of my window, talking to one another

Your leaves fell down to make people rich in spirit

To give them the colors of joy

From earth to the sky

To transform the sorrow into beauty

The real life, going up step by step

Takes you to fly through the sky

No emptiness

No time for feeling blue

The browns, oranges, even the reds

are turning into the green color of hope

Hope in the immensity of the universe

Orange and green at once showing their strength

Yellow, orange, red and pink ready to get high

Where reality and fantasy combined together

In the mystery of the sunlight

They follow the freedom trail to the blues

To take you to fly high in the sky

Listen to the rumor of their leaves

You will understand why two became one

The gray one is the wise man

He turned gray because he has the wisdom of life

The black and white one

is still searching for her happiness

Still waiting for an answer, the wise advice to smile

Both in one lovely tree

Their open arms, stretched,

touching each other to share beauty of life

So my lonely tree won't be alone anymore.

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